Who is CAN?

Who is CAN?

Inacio Cesario – Centro Aberto de Nhamatsane, Founder and Director

Inacio founded the Centro Aberto de Nhamatsane (Open Center of Nhamatsane) in 2005. He started this organization from the ground up without funding or support, but with a notion that all people deserve the right to health, education, and a better tomorrow. Born and raised in Nhamatsane, he developed this organization in response to the needs of his community. Throughout the years, he has worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life for the people of Nhamatsane. He is a pillar of the community and a model of selflessness and solidarity. It is with great pride that we partner with the Centro Aberto de Nhamatsane to fuel Inacio’s and his colleagues’ dreams for a better future – in the village of Nhamatsane and around the world.

CAN – MOZAMBIQUE : US NGO, sister organization for sustainable development

Board of Directors

Elyse Sparkls Stevens, MD MPH
CEO and Co-chair of the Board

Stephanie Dietz, MD

Co-chair of the Board and Director of Medical Affairs

Amy Eckles, PhDabest
Webmeister, Media Director

Jonathan Trunell, Esq
Director of Legal Affairs and Social Justice

Janine Tinkham
Vision Coach and Board Member

Mary Chaput
Vision Coach and Registered Representative