OpenCenter is based upon the foundations of Sustainability. We do not hand out charities, but to empower the people of the community to strive for their own development. At OpenCenter, those families receiving the eduction and supplemental food are the workers in the fields caring for the crops. The crops not only provide the source of income for the OpenCenter, but also fulfill the nutritional needs of the community it serves.

So why do we ask for donations, if we are not handing them out? Funding is an integral part of our mission to create OpenCenters across underserved rural areas. We need land acquisition, construction of new community centers, and funds for governmental advocacy, to support our work and the communities we serve. In addition, we support our Centers with equipment and supplies, as needed.

Check out all the different ways that you can help us make a difference in communities:

  1. Immediate Need : Drought

    We are raising money to purchase seeds and irrigation supplies to expand our current farmable area. This is a replanting effort as our crops were killed during the Fall drought.
    $100.00 donated of $10,000.00 goal