The Drought of Spring (Fall in the US) 2021

The Drought of Spring (Fall in the US) 2021

In the late Spring in the Chimoi region, and most specifically, the geographic region surrounding our CAN Center – Centro Aberto Nhamatsane – a major drought was experienced. It did not rain for months. The area is dry, with poor soil conditions as the norm, however the people, the animals, the livestock, and of course, the crops we plant, all depend on the rivers that snake through the land, bringing the liquid of life – oh beautiful water.


The picture above shows our CAN Open Center installing the new pump and irrigation lines we purchased with the help of the grant received from Positive Legacy. You can see the river has ample water to be pumped up to the crops we planted. We planted an expanded region of our arable land, to produce more nutritious food for the communities we support.


Soon after planting, the drought began, and the rivers dried up. The water wasn’t enough to pump into the fields… it wasn’t enough to hydrate the people.

When the rivers dried up, the only source of water became the well – the only source of water for all of the people of the surrounding communities, the cattle, the sheep, the chickens – all had to wait in line day and night for access to the one water source.

The well above saved the people and livestock, however it could not save our crops. We had 100% complete crop failure.

The plants dried up, and with them, the hope to provide nutrition to the people. This all happened during the holidays – it was a dry Christmas.

Shortly after Christmas, it rained. And the people rejoiced, and the rivers flowed again. However, the plants were not to be saved.

We are currently raising funds to replant. If you’d like to help us get our crops up again, please donate. 100% of donations go towards the supplies – we are 100% volunteer run.


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